Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Makeover

If you know me personally, I love anything that is simple but can immediately convey the message across. There's this quote/meme (whatever you wanna call it) that's all over the internet. You guys might have read it by now.

Masa mula-mula aku baca ni aku tertanya-tanya. Apakah ini? Apakah yang dia ingin sampaikan? Mana nak dapat sunglasses tu? Sampai sekarang aku biar terbiar je soalan-soalan itu. Tapi from here I decided maybe its time to actually have a trailer/intro for my youtube channel and that January 2019 will be the month of me doing makeovers for my channel.

Aku tak buat sebelum ni sebab:

1. malas
2. takut asyik nak ubah-ubah je.
3. malas

So aku korek balik  gambar-gambar lama and made a collage of me from a baby to a grown up yang pegang camera sambil sebelah tangan angkat ketiak. 

I've always love the idea of a person documenting his/her whole life through a scrapbook. I know memang kuno and cliche tapi eh biar laa. Semua benda nak kena explain payah lah. So I came up with this simple 11 second intro. Sangat simple and that was the plan. If a 2 year old tengok intro ni and boleh paham what this channel is about then my job here is done. That's how simple I want it to be.

Takdelah. Simple sebab aku tak reti buat effect fx semua tu. Sis boleh main-main dengan gambar je dan sis redha.