Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the cutest milk toofs

"When two baby teeth came knocking at her door, artist Inhae Lee did what anyone would do: she invited them to live with her and started photographing their hilarious, miniature antics. The resulting blog phenomenon has captivated legions of devoted fans with its refreshingly sweet sentiment and hip appeal. Featuring brand-new stories alongside classic adventures, My Milk Toof follows two baby teeth named ickle and Lardee as they navigate the pleasures and perils of being very small in a very big world. With perfect comedic timing, the photographic tales in this book explore the world from the tiny perspective of a baby tooth (or milk toof), from taking a bath to exploring the outside world. Showcasing the intricate handcrafted universe that Lee has created, My Milk Toof has a quirky appeal that speaks to all ages. Whether they're baking a cake or spending a day at the pool, these two little guys are achingly sweet—but without the cavities."

abis je sume bende alah stress final year ni... start je cuti... i have my own list of things i wanna do... the first one is to find this book! sampai ke kedai buku dalam lubang cacing aku akan carii...! *penuh semangat*

(pictures are all own by Inhae Lee)
My Milk Toof


  1. style giler..comel jer gigi tuh :)

  2. kannnn??? cute gileee

    ishhh.. xleh jd ni... kene gak cari buku dia... :D

  3. CUTE SGT...thnks for sharing :)