Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Be as specific as possible.

10 things that i think (and hope) will happen to me in ten years.

1. I'm an interior design lecturer but i also work for a small interior firm... my very own small interior firm.

2. I'm married to the most loving husband anyone could ever wish for... plus he has this amazing smile and a sexy voice.

3. i have my own house fully designed by me and my husband.

4. i have a kid... a boy and I'm 6 months pregnant with a baby girl. my five year old son has an imaginary friend... until one day... my pregnant butt accidentally sat on his imaginary friend.

5. i can drive (finally). but I'm still scared of driving at night

6. my facebook, blog, youtube, formspring and yahoo account is still active... but my blog will probably be full of funny stories and videos about me and the kids and cooking recipes.

7. I still hang out with my friends... we keep in touch... and our kids are friends too...

8. my first novel... a story about the life of a guy with split personality is on the shelve of every book store...

9. i work part time as a script writer but my boss is always freaking me out... "kaydee! remember your dateline!!!"

10. i still record everything that happens to me using my new video camera... but i still have my old one even though it doesn't work anymore.

Guess what? You can ask me anything


  1. kd! akak mcm nk buat jugak entry cmni! nk tiru ek! hee..tiru soalan je..hee~

  2. buat la kak arina... ni soalan yang kd dpt kt formspring dari mozek... hahaha~